3 free things you can do while visiting Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc island is a famous but quite expensive destination in Vietnam. Therefore, you may find it difficult to balance the travel budget for all of these down-on-earth activities. We would like to suggest some ideals to enjoy your days in Phu Quoc without breaking your purse and freely experience the local life.

Enjoy day on the beaches

When it comes to Phu Quoc, tourists desire to head up the delightful beaches. Without any fee you can make the most of swimming, sun bath, games with friends or simply lie down on the white sandy beach and enjoy the poetic view of the blue sky with white clouds.

Phu Quoc’s beaches (via Phu Quoc Travel)

Being surrounded by more than 99 spectacular mountains, most of the beaches here have gently waves. The seawater surface is so quiet so you can feel safe when swimming. That’s the reason why people often say that taking a dip in Phu Quoc beaches like swimming in lakes. Beside Sao beach, there are a large collection of beach as Thom Beach, Long Beach, Bai Vong Beach, Ganh Dau Beach. The pale, silvery sand leads invitingly into the clear, shallow beaches in Phu Quoc. Take an easy walk to one of these beaches above and you will find it more than beautiful.

Visit Ham Ninh fishing village

Located on the east of fantastic Phu quoc Island, Ham Ninh village is well-known for fresh seafood with affordable prices. You absolutely can come and contemplate the peaceful atmosphere as well as gorgeous landscapes here. There is no fee charge to enter village and you can easily contact with some local people. In the past, Ham Ninh is the place for fishermen doing their job. Then, they gradually formed the village. The houses still remain the primitive features like cottage roofs and bamboo wattles. Some people called Ham Ninh as “the loveliest village on earth that all artists are dreaming”. It’s an ambitious statement that seems believable once you are actually here.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village (via FoxTravels)

Go to Duong Dong market

Another free activity on this island is going to Duong Dong market. From the early morning to late afternoon, you can always see the liveliness of this market. There are more than 100 market stalls mainly serving seafood such as noodles in crab chowder, boiled snails, boiled squids, strings of grilled meat, thick noodle soup with fish pastes, etc. With good planning, a trip to Duong Dong market will not take you much time but give you a great memory of stepping into the local life.

Enjoy the sunrise at Cau temple

Cau Temple (via Justgola)

Cau Temple is where the local people often come for worship. It’s widely believed that the god who is worshiped in this temple will help the local have a better life and a safe trip for all their trips on beach. It’s needed to know that everyday fishermen doing their jobs on distant seas, there are hundreds of potential dangers to their lives. This is why, in somehow, they always feel unsafe. A worship to Cau temple where they pray for a good life and occean trip will partly help them feel better.

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