Must-try experiences you must try on Phu Quoc Island in early morning


Exploring Phu Quoc in the early morning is an unforgettable experience you should not miss. Let join us and find out some of the most amusing activities to do in this jewel crown of Vietnam.

Jog along the beaches

There is nothing better than bare legged jogging on the beaches in early morning. Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the softness of white sands under your feet will keep you cool with refreshing breeze. Beisdes, peaceful and quiet landscapes surrounding without tourists brings to you a chance to be pleased with your completely private space. Somtimes, you are warmly greeted by locals doing their morning job, just say “Hi” and if you can, interact with them to get closer to the local lives.

Phu Quoc’s beach (via Vietnam)

Go fishing with fishermen

Phu Quoc offers many adventerous tours that draw lots of people; however, if you wake up early, walk down the beach and ask fishermen for joining a day with them, most of the time, they will happily say “yes”. The island is famous for a diverse water creatures with a plenty of ingredients to create the most unique and well-known fish sauce. Therefore, fishing on boat is the most attractive activity here. Chugging around the waters, spending time on oberving the local doing their work are surely not a usual experience to many of you. Coming to Phu Quoc and try to get an opportunity of being a fisherman and view sunrise on boat.

Enjoy the sunrise at Cau temple

Sunrise at Cau Temple (via Hoàng Anh Holiday)

Located in the central of Phu Quoc, Cau Temple is where the local people usually come for worship. People believe that the more people respect the deity, the more they will be guarded and protected by the deity. Nowadays, all boats on the island which are going to head out of the sea stops at Cau Temple to wish for a safe and sound trip. Take a beautiful and easy walk to the beach for a gorgeous sunrise view. It’s phenomenal to watch the reddish sun gradually appearing from the horizon, shining the first orange light beams of the day.

Swim in early morning

Phu Quoc is a region full of the country’s most beautiful and scenic beaches. It’s, therefore, such a great shame if you don’t take a chance to swim in one of the most photographed beach in the early morning. Before taking a swim, don’t miss the mile-long stretch of silky, powder-white sand slopes. If that weren’t scenic enough, the deep blue waters will not disappoint you. It’s like beaches in Phu Quoc are created for all types of swimmers, from beginners to masters.

Swim in the early morning (via Phú Quốc Xanh)

Go to Duong Dong market

Duong Dong market opens both day and night at sevaral places in the town. During the day, market is located right in the middle of Duong Dong and it bustles with trade in a number of goods and foods. Duong Dong market appears at its best in the early morning when traders start their very first purchase with the fishermen for freshest seafood. As always, the market is busy, noisy and lively.

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