Discover Ham Ninh Fishing Village


Located 20km northeast of Duong Dong town, Ham Ninh fishing village is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and peaceful daily life of local fishermen.

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Ham Ninh fishing village located on the eastern coast of the Phu Quoc island, behind the mountains, facing the immense sea. Densely populated coastal canal function. By Ham Ninh as a nostalgic return to the old village. Life here seems almost still remain wild with temporary bamboo-walled cottage. The main occupation is pearl diving career, catching sea cucumber (station break) and crab net.

In the past, fishermen here fishing village and then up. When the seaport of East Ocean waves echoes the Ham Ninh is quiet marinas and boat safety. Originally, the residents in Ham Ninh used to solely rely on fishing to make a living, but in some recent years, tourism is a major source of income as they sell seafood, handmade souvenir to tourists.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Phu Quoc (via Vietnam Heritages world heritages)

Things to do and see

For almost tourists, the first impression as reaching to Ham Ninh fishing village must have experience in admiring the 300-m towering mountain with upright cliffs tinted mossy green which are blended harmoniously of cloud, moutain, sky and vast blue sea. Standing on Ham Ninh beach, we can sightsee Hai Tac island from a far distance, a little slanted toward the Southeast that can catch Nghe island hazily under the surface of blue water and the headland of Phu Quoc- Ong Doi top in the south.

Interestingly, so many years passed already but Ham Ninh fishing village keeps its unpolluted, inherent simple beauty with plain thatched cottages. Previously, local people earned living mainly on collecting pearl, catching sea cucumber, shrimp, crap… Recent years, islanders have new source of income from food product trading and selling souvenirs. Over hundred years, natured, rustic people here remain courage at sea; in spite of  going through hardships, they still love and have strong attach to this beautiful land.

One more exciting thing to do in Ham Ninh fishing village is to get up early in the morning and watch sunrise, the scenery turns most beautiful like the striking watercolour painting at the time of glow of dawn illuminate. The deep sky is gradually waking up,flock of birds are deliberately flying to search for food, and people are animatedly starting a new day…that absolutely bring great restful time and keep impressive picture in your mind.

Ham Ninh in the sunrise (via Chudu24)

When it comes to afternoon, you should take a stroll along the longest wharf called Ham Ninh in order to enjoy cool sea-breeze and survey the sea scenery in the sunset. Moreover, when tide ebbed away, you may walk along sandy beach, enjoy peaceful space and collect shells, nails to be gifts for friends…

Visiting Ham Ninh, travelers also have a golden chance to taste mouth-watering and healthful drinks and seafood like ginseng- seaweed water, “Tram” mushroom (a special kind of mushroom in the island), sea-horse soaking in the liquor and so on. And it is so great to lie on the sand, enjoy boiled flower crab meat and watch the stunning sunset on the beach. Before coming back home, visitors can buy some flower crabs, a bottle of sea-horse in liquor or some souvenirs made of shell as gifts for friends and family.

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